Air Kamio Misuzu

Prime Time

I got back from my school trip last Sunday and was too busy catching up on work I missed while I was gone, so I didn't immediately write a journal entry.

I'm studying for my midterm right now and won't have a lot of time to play Monster Rancher, but I am here to say that This Thaang has reached Prime stage — a very important stage where monsters gain the most stats. So it's important to optimize your training routine during this stage — lots of drills and Nuts Oil, nothing else.

You can see the magic of Prime stage below. This Thaang got a whopping +20 INT from doing just one drill!

After Prime stage, This Thaang will become an Elder. Hopefully, it will be strong enough to beat the S-Grade cup. This is one of the requirements to unlock Zilla.

We also did some expeditions and got the Golden Peach and Double-Edged Sword (unlocks Durahan) in Parepare, and the Fire Feather in Kawrea (unlocks Phoenix). The Golden Peach will be saved, possibly for Zilla.

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Higurashi Ryugu Rena and Furude Rika

Introducing This Thaang

Well, the page itself is still a work in progress right now, but I decided to make a blog to talk about whatever, whenever.

I've been playing a lot of Monster Rancher 2 DX. I decided to start a new save file. I'm aiming to get my favorite monster, Zilla. It looks like this:

Monster Rancher 2 Zilla

Of course, there's a lot of unlocking to do. This is done by battling in tournaments and rising through the ranks. I went with Mocchi as my starter monster. Meet ThisThaang:

(Game wouldn't allow spaces in names)

Cute, right? It looks like a little hadrosaur. And its Mocchi Beam is very powerful and has helped it win a lot of tournaments. We're currently training for the B-Rank Cup right now.

Unfortunately I have school stuff to do and will be gone for most of this week, so ThisThaang's journey will have to be temporarily put on hold. For now.

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